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Articels BBC: 'I want to train more water warriors'
Ayyappa Masagi has a simple message: "You want water? Call me!" Thousands have. And his phone rings dozens of times a day. There appears to be an endless supply of patients for the man nicknamed India's "Water Doctor".
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Masagi’s concept to capture flood water is simple: collect, filter and store rainwater underground. “Today, most farm lands are flat and when rain falls, water doesn’t stay; the surface soil can only absorb a little amount of water,” he says. “We cannot trap all rainwater, but just capturing 20% would make the farmers self-sufficient.”
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“While my urban and industry focus gives me a small margin, the rural segment is my social responsibility. While NABARD, Swiss aid, Deshpande foundation etc have been supporting me, I started Rain Water Concepts India Limited in 2008 with the objective of water freedom for all as it is not a commodity but a resource."
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"Water, water, everywhere," is the motto by which Ayyappa Mahadevappa Masagi lives. When it's believed that the next world war will be fought over water, at a micro level in Bangalore, people working for the water utility are roughed up by consumers who haven't seen a drop of water trickle from their taps in days. Says Masagi, "Who said there's a water crisis? We have plenty of water, even in Bangalore. It's just that we haven't been looking at the available, easy solutions."
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