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Volunteer Service & Internship Since 2011, the Water Literacy Foundation (WLF) has hosted volunteers from all over the world. It is part of the principle to train more and more “Water Warriors”: People with an awareness of the valuable resource water and willing to spread what they have learned in their respective places.
FSL India The WLF is in partnership with Field Services & inter-cultural Learning, short FSL India. The non-profit, charitable, social and independent NGO’s main objective is to promote global understanding, inter-cultural learning and to work for togetherness encouraged by world peace through youth mobility.
Leave Ur Mark The WLF works also together with Leave UR Mark. The social enterprise serves volunteers, interns, and travelers from around the world that want to come to India and work on career development as well as positive community growth through local initiatives.
You want to do something meaningful by volunteering/interning with the WLF?
Kindly send us a request with your CV and the time you would like to join via our Email. Gallery of WLF’S Appreciated Volunteers & Interns
Donate To help people in need, focussing the ones who cannot help themselves, We (the Water Literacy Foundation) rely on your donation. Your contribution helps us to go further in fighting water problems, especially in rural areas. For each donation, we associate a project that we elaborate together with you. Examples, how your donation could be used:
Awareness Program For Farmers School, College Teachers, Apartment And Villa Association members ₹ 25,000
TV, Print Media, Banners, Leaflets, Success Stories, Booklets, Snacks, Water Etc.
Events like World Water Day, Engineer’s Day, Farmer’s Day ₹ 75,000
TV, Print Media, Banners, Leaflets, Success Stories, Booklets, Snacks, Water Etc.
Converting 1-2 acre of dryland ₹ 65,000
Systems Implemented: Soak Pits 40 Pits/Acre, Bore Well Recharge Unit
Water Security For Individual Small Land Holders 5-10 acres ₹ 1,75,000
Systems Implemented: Open Sump, Borwell Recharge Unit, Compartment Bunding
Community Rain Water Harvesting ₹ 2,70,000
Systems Implemented: Common Lake With Pre-Silt Up Tank For Borwell Recharging, Compartment Bunding
Many people all over India suffer because of water scarcity and a shortage of drinking water. Against this background, every donation, however small, is needed and very welcome. Your donation is vital to the contribution of our work. Bank details:
Bank Name : HDFC Yelahanka
Account Type : Saving Bank
Account No : 03711450000028
IFSC Code : HDFC0000371 To get further information about donation, kindly contact us. Legal Details: WLF is registered under the “Indian Trust Act 1882” as Public Charitable Trust on September 5th, 2005 PAN No : AAA TW 1071 D FCRA and FCRA Nature : 094421364 and Economic Educational Social 80G : No. DIT(E)/80G/147/W-2/07-0812A : No.DIT (E)/12A/Vol.II/W-44/W-2/2005-06a
If you want to join any event of WLF, just write us a message via our Email. We will give you further information about upcoming water awareness events. Every year on 22nd March, the UN World Water Day takes place and is celebrated all over the world. Being a special day for WLF, the foundation organises many events including presentations, workshops, games for children and a walkathons on public roads to catch public attention. The aim is to sensitise the broader public about water issues and conservation. The Water Literacy Foundation (WLF) conducts regularly water-awareness events like campaigns, rallies, workshops, fairs or visits to demo projects, adapted to the respective target group. Presenting our work to public, Mr. Ayyappa Masagi and the WLF were also shown on television several times, like on BBC in May 2016.
The WLF works together with farmers, communities, universities/colleges, schools, companies, industries, businessmen, private persons and other like-minded persons, educating them in terms of water awareness and water conservation measures. A small selection of WLF’s events: Water Awareness Events The UN World Water Day
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