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About Us Water Literacy Foundation (WLF) is a Non-Profit collective that strives to ensure Water Security to various sectors of the community, in addition to imbibing Water Literacy among the citizens of our nation via the implementation of various Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Water Management systems and conducting Awareness Programs.
Over the years, we have persistently proven that the availability of water is not as much an issue as the community's attitude towards water. Essentially proving that the Water Crisis is a reality just because we as a community haven't chosen to manage the water resources available to us in efficient and effective ways.
Ayyappa Masagi at Artifical Lake
“We visualize India to be Water Efficient by 2020, where all its residents are able to enjoy their Basic Human Right to Water, which shall be achieved through a massive movement towards Water Literacy, where each individual is able to Conserve and Manage Water.”
In a very concise sense, we aim to Restore the Natural Hydrological Balance of the nation, and promote a sense of Sustained Development of the country.
The Problem For the past few decades, we have been abusing Water Resources in various forms and treating Water as a commodity, as against viewing it as a basic need for the sustenance of human civilization. Further various myopic approaches to retrieve and manage our water resources has brought us to this grave point, where a significant portion of our population’s water needs aren’t addressed. Neglecting Rainwater as the primary source of runoff, resulting in increased runoff into oceans
Abandonment of Surface and Sub-surface water storage systems
Abuse of Groundwater by the drilling of excessive Borewells
Failing to replenish the Groundwater, posing hydrological and geological risks
Increased dependency on Centralized systems, as against in-situ harnessing of Rainwater
Disruption of Catchment areas and feeder channels resulting from the improper construction of civil structures and rapid Afforestation, leading to repeated dents in the natural ecological and hydrological balances of the place. Inherently, impacting us in the following ways:
Erratic and Unreliable Rains
Dried up Surface Water Bodies
Dried up Water Tables: Sub-soil (wells) and Underground (Borewells)
Apparent unavailability of water
Inevitable use of Unclean Water leading to the rise and spread of Waterborne Diseases
Our Solution: Holistic Rainwater Harvesting Water Literacy Foundation, has been designing and refining systems to Replenish Water in all the Four Realms: Surface, Sub-surface, Sub-soil, and Underground that utilize Rainwater as and when it falls, in varied and erratic intensities, thus ensuring a prolonged availability of water, from any of the four realms one may desire to seek. In addition to recharging the depleted water, our systems also restore the natural balance in your ecosystem, as a virtue of their indigenous design, thus requiring negligible maintenance. Often, results can be seen within two to three rains following the implementation of our systems. Effectively, following the implementation of our systems, we aim at making you independent in the context of your water needs, which we have been delivering to our customers for the past decade. In many cases, our customers have also reported excess water that they were able to give back to the community.
The Founder
Ayyappa Masagi
Mr. Ayyappa Masagi,
Founder and Director,
Water Literacy Foundation
“Water Crisis has been a very frequently fought battle in the past few decades, but is seldom won.”
From over three decades of experience in fighting many such battles on Water Crisis, Ayyappa Masagi claims that we have been losing these battles on Water Crisis not due to unavailability of Rain or Water, but due to the attitude of individuals and the community towards Rain and Water. Mr. Ayyappa Masagi is the Founder and Director of the Water Literacy Foundation (WLF). In his childhood he faced acute water shortage as he had to walk for hours with his mother to fetch water from the nearest stream bed. Always keeping this in mind, Masagi started experimenting with rainwater harvesting and non-irrigation agricultural methods in 1994.
His vision was not only to make his farm water rich but to help all needy people suffering from water scarcity in India. In 2002, Masagi quit his Mechanical Engineering job after almost 20 years of service with L&T Bangalore and focussed entirely on his research on water conservation techniques. In 2004 he earned the Ashoka Fellowship for his work concerning water conservation in the agricultural sector.
To reach more people and of course to help them, Masagi founded the non-profit organisation WLF in September 2005. Three years later he founded with Rain Water Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd. a company to support WLF financially in its efforts and to provide affordable water conservation techniques to everyone.
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