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Water Literacy Foundation (WLF) is a Non-Profit collective that strives to ensure Water Security to various sectors of the community, in addition to imbibing Water Literacy among the citizens of our nation via the implementation of various Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Water Management systems and conducting Awareness Programs.
Over the years, we have persistently proven that the availability of water is not as much an issue as the community's attitude towards water. Essentially proving that the Water Crisis is a reality just because we as a community haven't chosen to manage the water resources available to us in efficient and effective ways. “We visualize India to be Water Efficient by 2020, where all its residents are able to enjoy their Basic Human Right to Water, which shall be achieved through a massive movement towards Water Literacy, where each individual is able to Conserve and Manage Water.”
In a very concise sense, we aim to Restore the Natural Hydrological Balance of the nation, and promote a sense of Sustained Development of the country.
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Services Agriculture Industrial Villages Urban Agriculture Industrial Villages Urban The key reason for the high success rates of WLF in ensuring Water Security lies in the integration and retrofication of our various systems to harness and manage rainwater to suit the socio-ecological and financial aspects of the area.
BHAGEERATHA BOOK Packing the chronicles of Ayyappa Masagi's walk in the direction encompassing his talks, this book shines light on the evolution and establishment of various ideologies that have helped ensure Water Security to essentially millions of people in addition to promoting a sense of sustainable development in the community.
In essence, this piece of literature helps individuals and organizations reflect and implore on their efforts towards Water use and Management.
Versions: English ₹ 250
Kannada ₹ 200
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Ayyappa: +91 9448379497
Sujatha: +91 9740556444 Water Literacy Foundation 347, , Kallappa Layout, Amruthahalli,
Sahakarnagar Post, Bengaluru – 560092 Meeting at office with prior appointment basis only. info@waterliteracyfoundation.com
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